Privacy Policy

Members are solely responsible for all activities performed on their account. No member of the administration will ever request passwords or personal information related to the member. Should a member provide his password or any personal information regarding his username or account to anyone including members of the administration, Koutbo6 will not bear any responsibility whatsoever resulting from the misuse of such information. Should the administration be required resolve any problems regarding the misuse of information, then an administrator will change the password after obtaining the member's permission to do so.

Information regarding members and their accounts such as the IP address and personal and public conversations will be stored as evidence should there be any misuse or violations of our policies.

The administration would like to confirm that it will not share any information with any affiliation or individuals regarding members or their accounts without the member's prior permission. Our member's privacy is our top priority and therefore the administration will not send any emails to members unless requested to do so.

The administration will never send an email requesting a member's personal information such as username and password, should you receive such an email, kindly inform us immediately.

All communication will be through the forums and/or personal messages sent within the site itself. Members will not receive any email messages unless they request it personally.