To read and accept the terms of use

Koutbo6.com and the operating owner company KB Soft (KB6) provide the services according to the terms and conditions of the terms of service (this Agreement) and any other roles of operation or policies published by KB6. Hereby, this Agreement represents a foll contract between the user and KB6; that voids the power of any other agreements issued prior to this Agreement between the concerned parties of the subject listed here.

(KB6) service is available for people aged up to 18 years old at least or minors who are allowed by their parents to register with (KB6).

By completing the registration steps, you acknowledge that you agree with all of such conditions, and all the descriptions in this Agreement are applied to you. If you do not agree with such terms and conditions you should stop using the service.

Service description

(KB6) provides the user the ability to communicate and play live games with the other users, and it provides the statistics of the games and organizes tournaments for these games; moreover, (KB6) may charge the user based on the type of the provided services, although such charges would not be used for the purpose of prizes. Additionally, the user waives any right to claim a refund for the service for any reason.

The user shall:

  • Be ready to use the internet, and to pay for the service provided.
  • Have all the necessary equipments to insure his access and connectivity to the internet.
  • Agree to complete the required statements during the registration by (KB6) or at any other time.

Pertaining to the user data, the user shall:

  • Provide all the required statements when required.
  • Provide accurate data, and to keep updating it.

Modification or change of service conditions:

(KB6) has the right to change this Agreement at anytime. (KB6) shall not be obliged to announce of this change. The user shall be responsible to review with the organization the conditions used for the service and the user shall connect in using this service. (KB6) shall consider his approval of all conditions, prescriptions and the publications of this Agreement. These conditions are also considered as other policies published on the website of (KB6) and are considered as inseparable part of this Agreement. In case of breaching any of these conditions of these Agreement and the policies published in (KB6) with this Agreement, it will be decided in this Agreement.

In case of modification or change of service:

(KB6) shall maintain all its rights to change and temporarily or permanently stop for the service(s) without any notice. The user approves that (KB6) shall not be responsible for him or for any other third party about this modification, removal or to cancel service or group of services.

Private Messages

(KB6) considers such messages, sent through its services between the sender and recipient, are private. (KB6) has the right to save such messages and check them if it was:

  • A response to a request of a legal authority.
  • To settle any conflict that may request checking the saved messages.
  • To deal with the requests to protect the website and the safety of the users and their personal statements.
  • To protect, defend the rights and the properties of (KB6)

The user acknowledges and agrees that (KB6) can't agree to disclaim the messages of any user or that (KB6) shall not bear any responsibility for the contents of these messages of any type even if it relates to a threat, defamation, pornography, or threat.

User Account, Password, and Security Guarantee:

When having an account on (KB6), all participants shall select a user name and a password to enable (KB6) to validate their identity and allow them to use the account. Moreover, a user shall be folly responsible to keep secret password and username; and also responsible for all the activities related to his account.

The user agrees to notify (KB6) directly for any use not allowed happen to the user account.

Relinquishing the right of guarantee:

The user agrees that using (KB6) service shall be his responsibility, and that the service offered is presented according to the principle 'as it is'.

(KB6) relinquishes all the guarantees of all types whether declared or understood and it includes without limitation understood guarantees for suitable trade for certain purpose or that coold not be breached.

(KB6) shall not give, any other affiliated company with (KB6) (including any commercial works through it to become the user of this service, guarantee that the service offered shall comply with the requirements of the user and that the service shall not disturb and it is void of any faults. (KB6) shall not give guarantee special for the result to be obtained through this service, or what pertaining to accuracy or approval of information obtained from such services, or that the software had defects that could be processed.

The user clearly understands and agrees upon any article or information that has been loaded or obtained because of using this service at the exposal of the user and on his responsibility. The user shall be solely responsible for any fault that could happen to the computer, or losing any data as a result of uploading such information or data, or any material or moral damages that may arise from using the service in question (KB6)

(KB6) provides not, to any company or an integrated body (including any company or business, through which the user becomes the end user) any warranties with respect to any products or services purchased or acquired by the service or any operation or commercial transaction made through the use of the service (KB6). Also, it does not constitute any advice or information, oral or written, obtained by the user from (KB6) or from the service provided unless provided in a written form.

Limits of legal responsibilities:

Neither (KB6) nor any other incorporating company (including any company or incorporating trade through it the user shall have the right to use the service) shall be a legal responsibility for any losses whether directly or indirectly, emergency or other, or disconnection, or loss of information, loss of profits obtained or that has got the relationship with this Agreement, even if (KB6) has advised the possibility for this loss.

It is forbidden to resell or profit from this service:

The right of the user to use (KB6) is considered a personal right and it is possible for the user to have multi-accounts, but the account of the user is understood as an independent account. Therefore, the user shall agree not to re-produce, or copy of origin, re-sale, exploit, for commercial purposes (lease or sell accounts) or part of service, benefit from service, or to enter into service without a written consent of (KB6).

User's morals and behaviors

Service shall be offered to individuals only. The commercial use or re-sale for its use is strictly forbidden.

You agree to subject to all the local roles and regulations, regional, national and international. You will be solely responsible for all actions, deletion that may occur to your account or password, and these constituents include your messages sent or kept through service.

(KB6) shall not be responsible for the contents for any fault, deletion of any content, loss, damage, that may occur by sending it through e-mail sent or not.

For example, you will agree on not:

  • Using a service related to the message sent regularly, or by spam or copied messages not related to the activity of the games (commercial or non commercial.)
  • Mean to do harvesting or collection operations to obtain information about others without getting their approval.
  • Mean to send through our service any unlawful, obscene or insulting the other, or of threatening or harmful, obscene, or objection material of any kind or nature.
  • Mean to send any content relating to breaching of ownerships, moral rights, or others' rights including the trade marks, rights of printing or publication.
  • Try to obtain illegal access to our services or to others' accounts or computers, or connected networks through password discovery or any other means
  • Interfere with other users use and enjoyment.
  • Cause harm to children underage by any other means.
  • To imitate any person or authority and this includes without limitation, the employees of (KB6) or the leaders of councils, establishments, instructors, hosts, or to lie in you representing others whether to people or authorities.
  • Attach, send, e-mail, or create content of any kind that you don't have legal ownership of by contract or though the confidence given or relations (for example internal information, owned, secret information whether allowed or not as part of the relation of employment under secret and to maintain the secrets).
  • Disrupt discussions, or flood the chat to prevent others from coping up, in a negative way on others that affects the live participation.
  • Disrupt or affect the provided service, applications, or network or to disobey any requirements, procedures, policies, roles and regulations of the connected network with the service.
  • To harass others or cause harm to them including defamation or general means.
  • Try to affect competitions, championships or use the service for the purpose not meant for (KB6) in order to get the advantage in these championships and competitions.
  • To register improper names or attach any logos or signatures that could cause sectarian and religious feuds, ideological, political.
  • To advertise on the website about any services or other sites without the approval of (KB6).

Website administration has the foll right to apply a punishment on any user in case of immorality in case it does not fit the morals and the behaviors used with the conditions and the roles. The administration is not responsible to justify punishment or to guarantee any misuse. It has got foll right to select the type of punishment, and to let the user relinquish his right to request for compensation for his remaining amount in case of any punishment. He shall use the remaining amount to cover his operations, administration, to implement this punishment.

For example, penalties may include, but are not limited to:

  • Termination of service.
  • Forbidding to enter the website.
  • Forbidding from chatting.
  • Forbidding from posting in the forum.
  • Forbidding from participating in championships.
  • Cancellation of grades and points.

(KB6) has got foll right to implement punishment on individual, IP range, or a whole network and this punishment shall not be determined by time or equipment.


You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless (KB6), its parent corporation, officers, directors, employees and agents, from and against any and all claims, damages, obligations, losses, liabilities, costs or debt, and expenses (including but not limited to attorneys' fees) arising from: (i) your use of and access to the Website; (ii) your violation of any term of these Terms and Conditions of Use; (iii) your violation of any third party right or any law, including without limitation any copyright, property, or privacy right; or (iv) any claim that content you submit for posting on the Website violates any third party right or any law. This defense and indemnification obligation will survive these Terms and Conditions of Use and your use of the Website.

Concepts of terminating the service

The user agrees that (KB6) has got the right to terminate the password used or his account (or any part of it) or to use the service or to remove or delete any content within the limits of its service, **if (KB6) believes that the user has breached or did not follow the speech or the spirit of the Agreement. (KB6) has got the right and by special consent at anytime to stop furnishing you with service or any partial by written information.

The user also agrees that ending or being forbidden from entering the service under any of the articles of this Agreement that has been executed without prior notice or acknowledge it, agrees that, it is the right of (KB6) to stop the work or delete his account and all information related there of all the files available in his account or to prohibit him from entering to the service files of (KB6) besides that, the user agrees that KB6 shall not to be obliged for any legal rights towards at or to any third party for any operation to terminate service done or to prevent him from entering to the service or punishment.

The user also agrees that (KB6) has got the right to terminate the password or account or to use service if the user fails to enter the network at least for one time for 60 days.

Commercial advertisements on the site:

The users agree not to let KB6, or companies or joint commercial works with KB6 to be responsible for the losses or damages of any type as a result of dealing with the companies of (KB6) as a result of these advertisement in the service.

Right or ownership of contents:

The users agree that any contents including without the limitation of written articles or programs used, music, sound, photo, video, drawings, or other articles as listed whether in the service itself, or advertised, or e-mails distributed by e-mail, or produced information for commercial purposes (contents) presented by the users by (KB6) or advertised, or the companies joint. Copy writes are reserved by e-mail or service marks, printing rights or any other rights for the owners. Therefore, the user has got the right to use these contents at the approval of (KB6). The user has got no right to copy or to re-produce, distribute, manufacture illegal works that do not coordinate with the contents if there is no previous right given by KB6 or commercial works or the joint companies.


Service shall be provided by any activity of the third party to connect with the international Website. If (KB6) is unable to dominate these websites or the sources, you will know and agree that KB6 is not responsible for these sites or the foreign sources or being responsible for the contents, advertisements products, or any other article. You also know and agree that KB6 shall not be responsible or legally obliged directly or indirectly for any damage or losses due to the use of the website.

Applicable laws:

If (KB6) fails to deal with those who breach and violate the laws of this agreement, it does not deny its rights to deal with those who breach these conditions or laws of this agreement. The State of Kuwait courts will be It will be accepted by the user of (KB6) and the courts of the State of Kuwait shall look into any conflict that may arise related to this agreement and endeavor to settle it. It is also possible not to apply all the conditions of this Agreement to match up with the law subject to.